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What is FSC?

Established through the collaboration of various organizations across the world, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization with an aim of setting standards for wood based products. The products certified by FSC are made of wood from natural forest or agricultural forest that has been managed properly according to the international acceptance to promote sustainability. There are 2 types of FSC Certifications;

FSC-FM: Forest Management Certification is issued to certify forest management with a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

FSC-CoC: Chain of Custody certification is issued to guarantee that wood product comes from FSC-certified forest and FSC-certified processes right from raw-material selection, proper storage, control of timber amount, sale, to delivery. In addition, accurate measures are in place to ensure that the certified products will not  be mixed up with uncertified materials. 

What is the importance of FSC?
Presently, FSC has been well recognized and widely accepted across the world particularly in Europe and America. As countries in these two continents prefer FSC-certified products, both downstream and upstream manufacturers have paid increasing attention to the FSC. To obtain the FSC-CoC certifications, products must receive proper environmental management from the start of the supply chain or from upstream manufacturers down to the delivery of products to end consumers. In other words, when consumers choose FSC-certified products, they support not just the properly-managed forest but also the proper environmental management throughout all stages of the supply chain. 

As a manufacturer in the supply chain of paper and containers industry, Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. firmly believes that FSC plays a key role in leading the way to the sustainable future for the society, the economy and the environment. We are, therefore, committed to following the FSC guidelines in facilitating the balanced world. 

Our FSC-Certified Products
With our dedication to a sustainable business and our focus on maximum benefits for all stakeholders, we are Thailand’s first and only manufacturer of packaging paper who have obtained the FSC-CoC (Chain of Custody) certification. This internationally-recognized certification is granted for products that come from FSC-certified forest and processes. The FSC or the Forest Stewardship Council has taken into account the selection of raw materials, the storage of materials, product-amount control, the sale and delivery of products before guaranteeing that the products are environmentally friendly. 

Our products have gained several types of the FSC-CoC certification as follows:

FSC-CoC (Recycle 100%) is presented to paper products that are made completely of recycled post-consumer waste.
Medium: CAF
Core Paper: CBF, CKF, CLF, CPF
Sack Kraft: ESF, SBF, SBMF

FSC-CoC (Mix 100%) is presented to paper products that are made completely of the FSC Certified virgin fiber and recycled post-consumer waste.
Medium: CAF, CSF

FSC-CoC (Mix 70%) is issued to paper products in which 70 percent of content is made of the FSC Certification Virgin Fiber and recycled post-consumer waste.
Liner: KAF, KCF, KEF, KHF, KPF and TAF