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Thanam Chuk Don Community
Thanam Chuk Don Community

Thanam Chuk Don Community of Kanchanaburi is aware that the release of wastewater from households into the Mae Klong River without proper treatment can cause environmental damages. While being a main waterway in Kanchanaburi, the Mae Klong also serves as a key water source for several nearby provinces and provides raw water for Bangkok’s waterworks services.

Locals of Thanam Chuk Don Community and SCG Paper team have thus brainstormed ideas on how to treat wastewater from households prior to its discharge into the Mae Klong River. From the brainstorming comes the “Treat Household Wastewater for the Mae Klong River” project, which started off with the installation of communal grease traps and sump pits. With such wastewater treatment system, the project has not only solved water pollution but also fostered awareness of efficient water usage. 

After some years in operation, the project has also extended its work further by digging the Saikai Canal in a bid to improve the quality of treated water even further. The canal can slow down water flow, allowing sedimentation and increasing oxygen amount in the water. As a result, the quality of treated water has improved significantly. As the Mae Klong River becomes clean and clear, other communities feel inspired to conserve their environment as well in pursuit of a sustainable future for all.