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Inspirations from Paper

We have developed and manufactured not just mainstream products for key industries but also innovative products for other new applications, specially designed for our customers’ maximum benefits which are:

Paper for Beautiful Prints

1.1 Paper for Bags and Document Envelopes
Such paper is suitable for the production of paper bags and document envelopes because they are tough, vulcanizable, and foldable. As it also accommodates beautiful prints, it is recommended for brands that need to enhance their images.

Types of Paper Materials Used: KT-Total®, KI-Image®, KA-ConffiiDenz®, KP, SB

1.2 Beautiful Packages for Festival Products (Moon-Cake Boxes / Chinese New Year Orange Boxes)
Made of quality and eco-friendly paper, these packages feature beautiful prints and serve as marketing tools to boost sales volume. Thus, they enable to attract customers’ attention, differentiate and add value to products. 

Types of Paper Materials UsedKT-Total®, KI-Image®, KA-ConffiiDenz®, Miraboard, Coated Grey Back Duplex

Kraft for Reinforcement and Protection

1.1 Corner Guard

Designed for product cushioning, these corner guards are fitted into the corners of packages to prevent or at least reduce risks of damages caused by transportation. 

Types of Paper Materials Used : CB, CP, KA

1.2 Paper Pallets

These paper pallets are free of insects or molds problems and totally recyclable. They are, therefore, great alternative to wooden pallets in product transportation, mostly used for just single journey. Even more impressive is that these paper pallets can be designed and produced in response to customers’ specifications. 

Types of Paper Materials Used : KA, KT, CA

1.3 Partition Sheet

Due to its durability and vulcanization, these partition sheets are placed under products at storage zones or during product transportation. Stacking and space saving are thus possible. 

Types of Paper Materials Used : CB, CP