Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. SCG

We have thrived on developing our services to boost up our confidence and working efficiency for customers’ maximum benefits. Our main services are:
Kraft Ordering System (KOS) 
It’s the internet-based ordering system that allow customer to order, track their orders, check payment status, and delivery status real-time. 
Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
This system accepts payments from customers via banks’ official websites. Thank to the EBPP, customers can check their pending payments 24 hours a day. They can choose to settle payments beyond tellers’ work hours, via the system, and in fact can even set up payments in advance.
Buyer Financing Program
In collaboration with banks, we have made it possible for our customers to get additional working capital at a competitive interest rate. This way, our customers can get the credit line they need to accommodate their growing sales. 
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
With such efficient database, customers can manage inventory and payment with great efficiency.
Loading Variety For Delivery 
Our logistics services with a great range of loading techniques and formats are specially devised to suit various specifications of domestic and overseas customers. For example, we can load our products vertically to reduce transportation cost as well as paper damages during transportation. Products can also be loaded horizontally or pyramidally based on customers’ instructions. Besides, we have improved Tarp All for our logistics vehicles so as to minimize accidental risks and time needed for tarp opening/closing. With those services, our customers are bound to enjoy greater convenience.
Technical Service
We offer counseling services and advice on how to choose the right product for each application, as well as organize trainings and seminars of  paper knowledge. If customers have any inquiry or problem, we swiftly deliver the answers and solutions.
Exact Size
Paper can be cut into any sizes according to customers’ requirements. With high accuracy, our customers can load paper into printing machines instantly without trimming.
Intermediate Roll Paper
With regular intermediate roll paper, we can fast convert them into finished products for our customers. The availability of our intermediate roll paper certainly delivers greater convenience to our customers, it gives us an advantage over the fierce business competition.
Pallet – Ready to Print
For high-volume printing, our customers can use this solution to immediately transfer paper to printing machines. The promptness  means they can save a lot of time instead of being spent for paper preparations, paper storage and also work procedures. With this solution, they can get the smoother flow of work.