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Ban Pong Community Healthcare Center
Ban Pong Community Healthcare Center

The Ban Pong Industrial Complex of SCG Paper, as a business operator in Ban Pong district, has joined efforts to set up the healthcare center of a local hospital in a bid to boost local people’s access to healthcare services easily. With the center, people living in the Ban Pong town can receive a comprehensive range of medical services faster while the hospital can better accommodate the needs of its outpatients. Without the center, the hospital was overcrowded. Located in the area under the hospital’s jurisdictions, “The Healthcare Center in Town” is a primary healthcare unit operating in the municipal area of Ban Pong. This center offers integrated services of medical treatments, health promotion, and consumer protection – all of which are available to not just registered residents but also people who move in and actually live in the town. Having operated under the concept of “Close to Your Home, Close to Your Heart” to deliver efficient services and to become widely accepted by locals, this center needs good cooperation from the municipality, the private sector, the government sector, and the people sector. 

Situated by a waterway in the Ban Pong Municipality’s area, the Ban Pong Community Healthcare Center of the Ban Pong Hospital is assigned to serve 21,768 people from 7,328 local households. The municipal area covers about 20 communities and commercial zones. 

Manpower available for operation: Eight nurses, one nurse assistant, and one general staff.

Service hours: Official hours from Monday to Friday, except public holidays.